All dogs and their families are unique!

At Super Woofers, I understand that, and tailor our private sessions, to you and the results that YOU want for YOUR dog. 

You may want to stop that embarrassing jumping up, or teach your dog to be calm in different environments or when visitors come round. You might want a rapid recall... I will work on whatever it is, that would make your life with your dog more enriching.

What I will do for you, is develop a dog training program to get that well trained, happy dog you deserve.

This can include a combination of:

-Private 1 to 1 lessons
-Unlimited email access (or weekly calls)
-Priority access to group classes or workshops

I can cover all dog training areas including Puppy specific training, Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Jumping up, Chewing, Play Manners, Scent work, Crate training and even Tricks if you fancy that too! 

I will leave you and your dog, with the skills to tackle those areas/issues that are causing you frustration. 

Give ln touch today for your free telephone consultation

$120 per 1 hour lesson