Dog Behaviour Program

Changing a dogs behaviour is not a quick task. It takes dedication, time and patience. But you know that, you're already so patient with your dog and do the best for them... but you also feel frustration with your dogs behaviour, and then you feel guilty for feeling frustrated with them? 

Let me help you and your dog get those results you both deserve. After an initial free telephone consultation, we will design a treatment plan for your dog. This will include a combination of:

-Private 1 to 1 lessons
-Unlimited email access (or weekly calls)
-Priority access to suitable group classes or workshops

I have found, that having a dog trainer on hand, to support you, when important things come up, even in between sessions, and having that ability to ask those questions, gets us faster and long lasting results.

Give me a call today and let's start that dog training journey together!

$120 per hour lesson