Puppies at Super Woofers

At Last, the wait is over and your new puppy has finally arrived

This stage in your pups life is critical for their development. However, we all have to go back to work at some point! Whilst your out at work, let us take care of your new family member as if they were our own. We will pop round for a 1hr visit to train your pup, give them a toilet break and lunch, where required.We can also get out and about to ensure they experience the world positively and become a well balanced, robust pup.

Through gentle socialisation and desensitisation, we will ensure your pup is exposed to the sights, sounds and most importantly, for your pup, smells of their surrounding environment.

After an initial free consultation, we can arrange for one of our puppy trainers to pop round and work with your puppy on an individual basis. Regular visits will alleviate puppy boredom and also help prevent your puppy from developing separation issues. We can tailor these session to work on any specific training or behaviour your pup requires.