Training by Super Woofers:

Our first consultation usually takes 1.5hours whilst we get to know you and your Woofer! We will travel to you and discuss every aspect of your requirements. Then we can start the fun part... training!

We can cover all areas including Puppy Training, Toilet Training, Loose Lead Walking, Recall, Jumping up, Chewing, Play Manners, Crate training and Tricks if needed.

We will leave you with the skills to tackle any areas/issues you wish to cover. Follow up 1hr visits can be booked as required.

COST: $90/HOUR (Initial consultation 1.5hr @ $120)

Whilst you're away, why not have one of our trainers work on specific training on 1-2-1 training walks or visits? We will come round to discuss exactly what you'd like us to work on. Following this we can put together a program to help. We also supply training instructions and videos of progress.This is ideal for for those Woofers who struggle with their recall, loose lead or perhaps need to improve their impulse control!


Rescue Dog to Super Dog-Channel 4:

Carly is a certified Super Dogs trainer and can help you train your own dog or find a suitable rescue to become your helper dog.Click on the #superdogs logo for info..