Training walks by Super Woofers:

At Super Woofers, we know your dog is one of the most precious members of your family and that is why training walks are so important to us. As trainers, we also understand that not all Woofers enjoy the company of their own kind so came up with safe and enjoyable solution for your dog.

Our popular Train On The Go service was developed with these dogs in mind. After an initial free consultation, we can arrange solo training walks or a home visit. We can work on any aspect of training you wish, while you are out. 


We know it can be difficult when you have a reactive dog, so our training walks ensure your dog gets their walkies, with a qualified trainer, when you're unavailable. Or we can pop along and do any in-house training you require too. Whether it's whilst you're at work or if you've simply got other plans for the day, we are here to help.

Whilst you head out for the day, we will make sure your dog gets the best possible care whilst exercising and having fun! We will ensure that every day is a fun, positive day and only use reward based methods.

We don't include travel time so your Super Woofer gets the full walk and training time at their destination too.

Every dog owner knows that a walked dog is a happy dog and we guarantee to return you a happy and tired out Super Woofer